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ShrutAradhana Chapter 01 – Gatha 01

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Meaning of verse:

I will describe the humble behavior (discipline and conduct) of an ascetic (bhikku), who is free from all worldly ties, and a homeless renouncer Listen to me with all attention.

Essence of verse:

  • Sanyog means connection of 2 independent things – For e.g. holding of eye glasses in hand. Eyeglasses and hand are independent things. When we hold glasses in hand it is sanyog and when we keep glasses down two things again become independent.
  • The word ‘my’ is identifier of sanyog i.e. ‘family’ and ‘my family’, ‘thoughts’ & ‘my thoughts’. When ‘my’ is used, it is sanyog.
  • The emotional attachment with objects / things / feelings is also sanyog.
  • Freeing oneself from sanyog is vippamukkassa.
  • Agaar means exception in commitment and Anagaar means no excuse in commitment, no exit & escape doors.
  • Bhikshu means seeking support for fulfilling needs as offering and not by attacking / forcing / snatching
    The one who becomes like bhikshu and anagaar, we will see what is the lifestyle of such a person who is vinayi (maxims of modesty) that will be narrated in sequence in following gathas.

Essence of Life:

  • Release the emotional attachment after doing any activity.
  • Do not burden anyone with any kind of expectations
  • Keep no doors to excuses


  • Commitments must be unconditional. For e.g. –
    • Always keep promise
    • Follow timetable created by you
  • I will receive what is offered. For e.g. –
    • If I am offered to do batting, I will bat; if offer to bowl, I will bowl
  • I will not attack / snatch / torture / force others to offer support. For e.g. –
    • Forcefully sharing of toys
  • Detaching – detach from each activity after it is done. For e.g. –
    • Playing, studying, reading a book or listening to story, watching movie, playing mobile games
  • Release the emotional attachment with words and feeling – Voshirami – Voshirami – Voshirami


  • Do what you say and say what you do.
  • Free from possessiveness that generally you tend to hold
    • For e.g. – saree / dress / jewelry that you had liked but could not buy.
    • Household things / items that you have given away but are still holding in mind.
    • Negative incidents of past.
  • Ask for support but do not get it forcefully. For e.g. from:
    • House-helps
    • Family members
    • Spouse
    • Kids


  • Run business with some values and always stick to the values. For e.g. –
    • Certain amount of quality maintenance
    • Defined percentage of earning
  • Free yourself from profit – loss analysis and gain – loss emotions after the day’s tally. While getting back home, go with detachment from business / work.
  • Honest feedback can be requested however do not pressure partners / customers for supporting in your favor.

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